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DustLess SandBlasting









Fire Retardant Painting
Acrylic  Wall Texture
Anti graffiti Painting
Thermal Painting

Oil Tanks
Water Tanks
Chemical Tanks

Clarifier Tank Painting

  • Ground reservoirs, water and wastewater treatment, elevated. Typical storage applications: Municipal water supply and wastewater treatment tanks, industrial process water, industrial wastewater treatment, fire protection water, petroleum and fuels

  • Paint coatings we use
    Industrial Paint Manufacturers

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    Holding tanks are sometimes referred to as “pump and haul tanks.” They are used to accumulate and store nonhazardous waste until it is shipped off-site for proper disposal or recycling. Holding tanks are available in many different shapes, sizes and materials. They are usually made out of fiberglass, plastic or steel. Holding tanks do not discharge wastewater to surface or ground water or onto the surface of the ground. Several agencies have oversight of regulations pertaining to holding tanks. There are different requirements depending on whether the tanks are installed aboveground or underground, and what is stored in them.

    Tanks should be painted for Looks and Maintained of  longevity





    Commercial Tank Cleaning

    Multi Tank Farm Painting


    Other Facilities We Paint

    -Manufacturing Facilities
    -Process Facilities
    -Chemical Process Facilities
    -Food Processing Facilities
    -Research & Development Laboratories
    -Distribution Facilities
    -Energy Facilities
    -Industrial Buildings
    -Industrial Equipment
    -Water/Wastewater Facilities
    -Solid Waste Facilities
    -Plant Dismantlements


    California Tank Painting

    MSHACertified Contractors 

    Great Basin Safety


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    Water Tower Inspections


    Water Tank Inspection



     Industrial Tank Painting    -    Tanks Industrial   -
    Water Tank Inspections   -   Industrial Sand Blasting  - 
    Shale Gas Fracking  - 


    California Tank Painting  - Texas Tank painting - Arizona Tank Painting



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      Industrial Tank Painting is a company of

     Great Western Painting



    Tank Painting

    Industrial Tank Painting  -   Commercial Tank Painting  -

    Industrial Tank Painting
     & Inspections

    Our Job is to provide our customers with the full spectrum of
    water & industrial tank painting.
    1 t0 1,000 Tanks  1,000 gallons to 5 million gallons
     Waste Water Clarifier Painting

    Water Towers & Logos


    Structural Steel Chemicial Plants

    Painting, Fuel, Oil, Chemical Tanks
    & Water Tanks


    Division of Great Western painting


    Great Western Painting is a commercial and industrial painting contractor. 
    We provide our service in the  USA
    Commercial or Industrial painting services including:

    DustLess Sand Blasting
    High rise buildings -  Apartment Complexes -  Condominium complexes, Townhouses -  Shopping Malls - Hotels -  Casinos -  Hospitals
     Parking structures -  Water Towers  and Schools.

    Interior and Exterior Tank Painting


    From this rusted ceiling to this finished ceiling


    Now the floor and we are Finished



    Water Tower Painting & Logos



    Our company has been providing commercial and industrial
    painting services for over 25 years completing work on...

    Man power is no problem! 7 Days a week; Day and Nightshifts
    Weekends  & Holidays


    Commercial and Industrial Painting Services

    Exterior Building  Interior factories Epoxy Floors

    We bring in Large Crews for
    Tank Farms
    Sand Blasting

    Hydro Blasting Containment

    Lead Abatement



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    Great Western Painting

     Great Western Painting serving the U S A and provides industrial and commercial painting services to areas all around the country. We are more than willing to complete industrial and commercial painting projects in your states. Our experienced painters are ready to work in any environment. Professionalism and job safety are practiced regularly by all of our works in order to deliver quality service. Chemical & Factory Painting Structural Steel Experts
    Hire a painting contractor who offers experienced painters and quality service. Our painting contractors will service the USA, and we offer experience with many different construction, industrial and commercial projects. Our  painting company is competent and willing to work for you.
     looking for a painting contractor and experience.
    Fire Proof Painting  We specialize in working with commercial companies fire proof products, epoxy paints or coatings in
     industrial or commercial jobsites.

    Need a Tank Inspection?


    Water towers
    Oil Tanks
    Chemical Tanks
    Propane Tanks
    Thermal painting
    of Tanks


     Thermal Painting

    Thermal Coating for
    Tanks - Pipe - Roofs - Equipment Hot Cold Storage ContainersTanker Trucks

    Water Towers

    Industrial Pipe Painting

    Light Poles -
    Structural Steel -

    On site at your facility
    Pipe Painting in the Field

     Hourly or by the Job

    Industrial Thermal Coating
    Pipe line - Ducts -Vessels -Towers, Tanks  -
    Factory Equipment.



    Commercial High Rise Painting



    Clarifier Sand Blasting & Painting



      Propane Tank Painting & Hydro blasting


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    Industrial Tank Painting Contractor

    Shale Gas Fracking  -   hydraulic fracturing  =  Natural gas cracked out of shale deposits may mean the U.S. has a stable supply of energy for a century




    Goodfellow Water Tower  Texas  Painted By Great Western Painting  


    Great Western Painting Company

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